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The Parks Preserve Story

Hey! My name is Chad Markey, founder of Parks Preserve. I wanted to take a moment to share with you what our mission at Parks Preserve is all about. 

Yosemite National Park Parks Preserve


Why We Started Parks Preserve

The driving factors which fueled the birth of Parks Preserve
lie within the parks and what they have given to us:

• A safe place for freedom of expression and creativity.

• The guidance and clarity to show the authentic and simplistic core meanings in life

• Heal us from the past & guiding us to a renewed sense of purpose

Public lands have impacted our lives in ways that are hard to express. So when we heard that the proposed budget for 2018 would cut the Park's budget by $1.6 billion bringing funding to its lowest since WWII, we created Parks Preserve to give back to the places that have given so much to us. This is our way of saying thank you, we support you, we'll protect you and we are grateful for you! #takelessgivemore

What we believe:

• We believe that products should be made with a purpose, and companies can stand for more than just profits

• We believe companies should stand by and take pride in the products that they make
• We believe in making most of our products in-house

•  We believe in an owner operated business with small batch  production[made with love and intent of course!]

• We believe in connecting and working with other like-minded communities and brands to spread awareness of our message and movement


This is why when you buy 1 we give $1 back to the places that have given us so much. So far we have made close to $2,000 in donations in just over 6 months!

 Here's what we're doing to help:

• We develop relationships with nonprofit friend groups of the national parks and work with each park independently to find out how our donation can make the greatest impact.

 • It all stems first from, inspiration of the parks themselves.

• This, in turn, manifests into a product line (such as our beanies, journals, blankets,
backpacks, key chains shirts and more!)

Yearly, we add up the funds and choose where our donation can make the biggest impact. This decision is based on our camping adventures and the deep bonds that were formed which will positively shape our mindset and life - this, we will always cherish! 

Parks Preserve Take Less Give More Laser Etched Cork


So what happens if we were to lose these invaluable

•  We would be stripped of our heritage and connection to earth as humans

• Our inspiration behind the majority of our creativity and growth as a species; without the parks, the world would lose its muse!

We would lose the source that connects us back to what really matters and which therefore
disconnects us from all the noise the surrounds our lives on a daily basis.

• We would lose the nostalgia from our nations great pioneers such as Teddy Roosevelt who
made our parks system America’s best idea and a pastime for not only us currently, but the
future generations to come.

• If we destroy the parks, we’ve lost them forever - our duty is to be the caretaker of this revered planet. This is not a remodeling project; Humans cannot rebuild what Mother Nature created.

Teddy Roosevelt National Parks Preserve

You can get involved by:

• Being a conscious consumer & supporting local business while giving back to public lands.

• Sharing Parks Preserve with your friends, family, and social media platforms (and don’t forget to
tag us so we can thank you and feature you!)

• Coming to our booth at the Redlands, CA Farmers Market Night to say hello and to shop locally. 

Thursday nights
6 pm to 9 pm
E State Street, Redlands, CA 92373

• Signing one of our Petitions to help protect public lands

 Crater Lake National Park Parks Preserve

Thank you for supporting our mission! We appreciate each and every one of you and would love
to connect. Let's build this community together and work with one another to preserve our public

We’re here for you if you have any questions - please reach out! Just email us at