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The 7 Best Photographers Shooting the Pacific Northwest

The 7 Best Photographers Shooting the Pacific Northwest

August 01, 2017

Cover photo by @staciangeliques

The Pacific Northwest is home to not only 4 National Parks and a handful of State Parks, but also some of the most gorgeous terrain in the world. Arboreal forests, glacial lakes, and pristine coastlines are all feasts for the eyes, making the PNW one of the best places in the US to shoot. Though many photographers are making a name for themselves by using the scenery of the PNW for their shots, there are a select few that are going above and beyond to capture the best of the Pacific and all it has to offer. Here are our top 7 photographers currently shooting the PNW.

1. @skyestoury

Skye has been all over the PNW, from the Enchantments to Trillium Lake, Mount Hood, Mount Rainier and much more. She's a native to the northwest and has many plans to continue exploring:

"I grew up in Washington so I love everything about this state! But my favorite part would be all the mountains out here, planning to summit all the Washington and Oregon volcanoes. Nature and hiking/climbing inspires me to shoot. I'm a hiker and climber first and photographer second. I do love shooting but the adventure is what gets me out there." - Skye Stoury

Trillium lake pacific northwest

Mt. Hood hiking

Mt. Rainier view and hiking


2. @masonstrehl

Mason arguably snaps some of the best camp life and adventure pics on in the Northwest. Mason's photos not only capture iconic campfire and tent still life shots but also detail vast expanses of the PNW and crisp shots of wilderness. Mason was kind enough to share a bit of his experience and inspiration he has while shooting in the PNW.

What's your favorite part about the PNW?

"My favorite part about the PNW is the amount of diversity there is. You can find any kind of terrain you want, whether it's vast rainforests, towering mountain ranges, rocky seascapes, or even desert landscapes. There's always something new, and if you're willing to work for it, you can put yourself in some of the most incredible places in the world."

What inspires you to shoot?

"I'm inspired to shoot by the scenery around me. I am definitely first and foremost a lover of the outdoors, and I get out to beautiful places in every spare second I have. Photography fits perfectly into that mindset, and that inspires me the most out of anything. Just getting out, capturing the beauty I see, and sharing it with people."


North Cascades National Park

pacific northwest campfire

camping in the pacific northwest


3. @bethkellmer

In addition to classic shots of outdoor scenes, Beth's cabin life and cabin living photos are what really drew us to her work. Cozy shots of yurts, treehouses, and A-frames make us want to step into her photos and cozy up in front of a fire. Below she shares a bit of her PNW experience and inspiration.

What’s your favorite part about the Pacific Northwest?

"My favorite part of the Northwest is whenever you need a change of scenery, it's just a brief drive away. The northwest is so diverse in its landscapes. Whether I'm shooting my go-to's of mountain lakes and evergreens, or want something different like the coast or the desert. There is truly something unique and special about each area and finding it all has created the best adventures."

What inspires you to shoot?

"Photography allows me to show the world as I see it. I'm inspired by creating scenes and moments that tell a story. Of who I am, what I love, and how the picture looks through my eyes. I am always hoping to show an original view, even if it's a popular destination. So my inspiration comes from that desire to share and storytell, with my camera as the perfect tool."

Yurt in pacific northwest

Cosy campfire in Oregon

Cabin in Pacific Northwest Oregon


4. @staciangeliques

Unlike many of the darker color palettes that are currently en vogue, Stacia showcases a much lighter depiction of the PNW. Many of her shots focus on her climbs in the northwest, capturing breathtaking views of peaks in the Cascades and Washington state.

waterfall pacific northwest

mountain views pacific northwest

Mountain climbing pacific northwest Mt. Hood


5. @jguzmann

Jake shoots all over the PNW, from the Oregon coast up to the Olympic Peninsula and into many of the Northwest's best interior destinations. He uses presets that give his photos a sharp yet mellow hue that's very easy to get caught up in. 

tent camping pacific northwest

Mailbox peak hike climb pacific northwest

Washington Pass North Cascades Hammock views


6. @elliothawkey

Eliot's perspective shots of the PNW give us a sense of scale and humility. Many of his photos place people into the landscapes that we so often consume and show them at a distance so viewers can fully take in the beautiful scenery.

Pacific northwest waterfall washington

La Push Washington coastline artistic shot

Columbia River Gorge Oregon Hike


7. @zach_reed

Zach is one of the better color contrast photographers we've seen period, and definitely one of the best in the northwest. Many of our favorite shots of his contrast blacks with nature's wonderful hues, creating silhouettes that are mysterious yet inviting.

Mt. Rainier artistic photo shadow

Trillium lake pacific northwest reflection

Mt. Rainier National Park night shot


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