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Sequoia and Kings Canyon Trip 2017

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Trip 2017

July 03, 2017

This past weekend we packed our gear and headed to the Sequoias. The thought of disconnecting had now manifested itself into reality.

As we arrived to the park's entrance, cell phone service was non existent, the air became fresh and our minds suddenly cleared.

Immediately after entering we turned off to the King's Canyon Valley Overlook and hiked down a trail side to take in the glory of these lands.

With every passing minute the solace that was gained from the terrain brought an everlasting smile amongst our faces.

The snow melt has replenished the rivers and lakes. Over 150 unknown waterfalls have developed throughout Kings Canyon and The Kings River was roaring with power that commanded respect.

We set up camp at Dorst Creek and ventured out to catch sunset amongst The Giant Forest. As we gathered our bearings straight, we hiked up to Moro Rock and we were greeted by an open vantage point of the valley. New friends were made stories were shared and the colors captivated our minds.

As sunset turned to night we put our head lamps on and continued trekking until we found the perfect area to enjoy the stars amongst the canopy of the Sequoias.

The next morning we briefly reflected on our experience to that point as we laid in the hammock enjoying our breakfast. The sun rose above the treeline and the birds chatted to one another. Nature truly is the best alarm clock.

At times the limitless options of what to do with our day felt overwhelming but that feeling quickly diminished as we approached the river.

The water was so tranquil as it rushed rapidly. Walking aside its powerful current felt invigorating. After hiking a few miles back we found the perfect spot for a picnic, swimming and a mid day nap. It was nice to be secluded and our brief experience here was transformative.

Later that day we headed up to Hume Lake to paddle board into the sunset and enjoyed swimming across the lake and back.


As sunset peaked we had to set up our hammock to enjoy our music and embrace the sweet disposition of the lake's surrounding views.


At this point it became clear to me how special this trip was becoming and how Sequoia and Kings Canyon would forever hold a special place in my heart.

The next day we packed our gear and drove throughout the park to admire it in all its glory as we bid our farewell until the next time around.

When we exited the park towards Fresno we looked at each other and asked, " Yosemite?!" Of course the answer was yes! We arrived just at sunset and had enough time to get through the tunnel to see Yosemite Valley. As 9 pm hit the panoramic views of El Capitan, Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls illuminated as we shot long exposure photos to capture this moment in time.

We had to turn back to Bass Lake but it was clear this was a trip for the books.

This Summer take time to experience these places. They are transformative in so many ways.

This is why we created Parks Preserve. The stories, memories and these lands. It is our duty to Preserve our Parks.

Find Peace Through Nature


 Chad Markey

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