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Parks Preserve & Wilderness Babes Make $600 Donation to Mt. Rainier National Park

Parks Preserve & Wilderness Babes Make $600 Donation to Mt. Rainier National Park

August 10, 2017

Cover photo by Stephen Matera

We've just concluded our collaboration with Wilderness Babes, and we're excited to announce that we will be donating $600 in profits to the Washington's National Park Fund to support Mount Rainier National Park!

These funds will be earmarked for trail restoration and ice patch archaeology inside the park, as we have decided along with Wilderness Babes founder Dani Crino that is important to preserve not only environmental but also cultural foundations of the park. 

"Mt. Rainier is a special place for all of us," says Wilderness Babes Founder Dani Crino. "Teaming up with Parks Preserve to help protect the park's environment and cultural history is the way we felt we could make the biggest impact. With increased attendance at our national parks, environmental concerns and federal budget cuts, combining efforts to protect and preserve our parks is more important than ever."

Here are the details for where the funds we raised will be going:

Trail Restoration

The trail’s very poor condition contributes to resource damage, threatens visitor safety, and detracts from the visitor’s experience. Slick, gutted, rocky trails pose a threat to hiker safety and may prevent some hikers from venturing higher. Poor trail conditions, braided trails and poor trail tread contribute to increased erosion and damage to native plant communities. Half our funds will go to restore trails and keep them clear for future park visitors.

Ice Patch Archaeology Mount Rainier

Across the northern latitudes, pre-historical artifacts have been discovered after melting out from previously stable snow fields and ice patches. Unique preservation of fragile material such as clothing, tools, flora and fauna can occur in these frozen conditions, however, we lack a clear idea of the archaeological record in high elevation areas of the park. This project would build upon previous ice patch modeling and monitoring at Mount Rainier and target new unexplored areas for field investigation.

Ashley Stokes, Community Engagement Manager from the Washington's National Park Fund has been great to work with, giving us a holistic overview of the park and helping us to find the best way to give to Mt. Rainier. We can't thank her enough for her guidance. "These funds and other donations coming to the park as a result of their inspiring fundraiser with Parks Preserve and Wilderness Babes will support youth and family, science and research, trails, volunteerism, and many more important projects in the parks," says Ashley of the donation. "Thanks again to Parks Preserve & Wilderness Babes!"

We believe that it's more important than ever for brands and non-profits to team up to directly support our public lands. Mount Rainier is the National Park with the highest amount of deferred maintenance in Washington State, with close to $300 million in necessary repairs that have yet to be completed. In addition to encouraging more visits to the parks, we hope to spread the word that for profits and non-profits alike can make a difference and work to keep our public lands safe and accessible. 

Thank you again to everyone who supported this collaborative effort to raise funds for Mt. Rainier National Park! Tag your photos of the bracelet with #wildernessbabes and #parkspreserve to be featured in our stories.