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Parks Preserve Teams Up With Wilderness Babes To Raise Funds For Mount Rainier National Park

Parks Preserve Teams Up With Wilderness Babes To Raise Funds For Mount Rainier National Park

July 19, 2017

We recently teamed up with Wilderness Babes to raise much needed funds for Mount Rainier National Park. Our Mt. Rainier collaboration bracelet pays homage to this iconic park, and 50% of the profits from the sale of this bracelet will go directly to Mount Rainier's Non-Profit partner, Washington National Park Fund, to assist with trail restoration and Ice Patch Archaeology.

Our partner Wilderness Babes is an adventure collective that supports the National Park Foundation through inspiration, community, and outreach. A nationwide ambassador team of inspiring, empowering, outdoor women lead the way in spreading our message of the importance of protecting our national parks by inspiring Americans to connect with their natural landscapes. Wilderness Babes operations are currently based in Portland, Oregon.

After speaking with Wilderness Babes Founder Dani Crino, it made sense to bring our communities together to create a quality product that reminds us to get back to the outdoors and give back to the outdoors. When you purchase this bracelet you are not impulsively buying a random product, but making an impact to preserve our American Heritage: The National Park System. With budget cuts, expansive balance sheets of deferred maintenance, hiring freezes and increased visitation, it is now more important than ever to come together and make an impact to preserve these landscapes we all so dearly love. 

Thank you for continuing to create a rich community around our parks systems, and if you are new to our family here at Parks Preserve, welcome! We will see you out there! 

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