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Parks Preserve Makes $500 Donation to Joshua Tree National Park

Parks Preserve Makes $500 Donation to Joshua Tree National Park

May 12, 2017

Photo by @thewanderingdivide

Just three weeks after their grand opening, Parks Preserve has finalized its first donation of $500 to the Joshua Tree National Park Association, the certified non-profit that works in direct collaboration with Joshua Tree National Park. We could not be more excited to have made such a large impact so quickly!

Joshua tree is facing many of the same issues that other parks face, including lack of staffing, infrastructure, and equipment. This is why we spread our donations over two funds to cover as much as we could for the park. The first Parks Preserve donation to Joshua Tree National Park will go to support:

+Upgrading ranger equipment. Rangers need better equipment to collect data and many times, just to perform basic job functions.

+Putting money into the Legacy Fund. This fund provides aid to Rangers' salaries when Joshua Tree is understaffed. Because of the hiring freeze, this is an important area for us to give to.

+Supporting fire research in the park. Because of an invasive grass growing in Joshua Tree, the park needs funds to better assess and mitigate fire dangers before an incident happens.

+Desert Tortoise monitoring! The Desert Tortoise population in the park is dangerously low, and we are giving money to help monitor the tortoise population to protect the species and rehabilitate the population.

+Educational training. The Park needs to train the awesome people who are located on site and able to explain the Parks best attributes and give information to visitors.

+Supporting virtual tours. Many people cannot make it to Joshua Tree, which is why a portion of our donation will be used to create virtual tours online to spark interest in the park.

+Visitor center staffing. Because of the hiring freeze in the Parks Systems, it's important that a portion of our donation goes to keep the visitors center for Joshua Tree National Park open and running for anyone who has made the trip.

We are humbled by the opportunity to give to EVERY ONE of these needs for Joshua Tree National Park and want to remind everyone -  this wouldn't be possible without you. With your support, we will one day be able to give to every single State & National Park and make an incredible impact for our parks systems. Thank you to everyone who made purchases from us and made this possible. Let's keep the momentum up so we can keep giving, and keep working to ensure that our parks safe.


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