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5 National Parks You Need To Visit, But Might Not Have Heard About

5 National Parks You Need To Visit, But Might Not Have Heard About

May 31, 2017

Cover photo by @morethanjustparks

Over the years, many of our National Parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, & Arches have become household names. Though their beauty is not in dispute, many people out there forget that we have 59 National Parks scattered across the United States. Each of these Parks brings with it a unique character that's one of a kind, and we wanted to focus on several places that many people don't frequently discuss visiting but should absolutely be on everyone's travel list. Here are 5 National Parks that you might not have heard of, but need to visit.

Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs is located in Northern Minnesota, only a stone's throw from the Canadian border of Rainy Lake. Packed with hundreds of islands and small lakes, Voyageurs is home to unique land & aquatic ecosystems that are rarely found in the same park. Bald Eagles and Moose are also frequent visitors to the park, which you might see while navigating Voyageurs' many picturesque waterways. 

Photos by @morethanjustparks


North Cascades National Park

Olympic National Park & Mt. Rainer receive a fair majority of the hype for Washington's National Parks, but North Cascades National Park is a wonder to behold in and of itself. The temperate, high altitude rainforest is home to over 1600 species and has some of the most astonishing hikes in the NPS. Diablo Lake, nestled in a glacial canyon with its clear blue water, is a must visit.  

Photos by @wanderingbackpack


Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale is a remote island archipelago in Lake Superior, and is home to over 450 smaller islands that surround the largest.  Isle Royale is home to arguably the best canoeing and kayaking out of almost any National Park, where you can effortless hop from island to island. With fascinating hikes and wildlife systems spread across these islands, you can spend years in Isle Royale and probably still have some left to explore.

First photo by @terragalleria

Second photo by @rosiemaeburton


Pinnacles National Park

Redwood, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, & Yosemite likely come to mind when asked about California's National Parks. Pinnacles National Park rarely gains the same attention, but it is a gem that can't be overlooked. With gorgeous rock formations formed by 23 million-year-old lava flows, Pinnacles houses cave hikes & one of a kind spire formations as well as being home to California's great birds: the peregrine falcon, golden eagle, and the California condor. 

Photos by @viewfromycamera


Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is not only one of the most unique ecological preserves in the country, but it's also an immensely important cultural preserve. The park is home to age-old pictographs from the Mescalero Apaches that can still be seen in the park today. The Park is home to 3 different protected ecosystems and is one of the only places where you can find water and pine forests thriving in the desert.

Photo by @karl_shakur

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